Rothenburg waste disposal systems are systems that have been tried and tested worldwide for the disposal of leftover food, kitchen waste and organic waste of all kinds. They ideally meet the requirements of gastronomy, canteen kitchens and manufacturing companies in the food and chemical industry.

The waste is transported via a feeding station into a special storage tank by means of a vacuum suction system. Shredding takes place on the way there in order to avoid long-term deposits during transport. The wet waste is shredded, homogenised and liquefied to ensure optimum utilisation of the storage volume. Water does not need to be added to the waste, which would result in an unnecessary loss of storage volume.

The modular design of our wet waste disposal systems also enables the connection of several feeding stations, which can also be housed at different locations. A tank adapted to the respective requirements and space conditions can be freely selected thanks to the modular design. The storage tank is usually emptied by a tanker truck at predetermined intervals or when the system reports that it is full. The storage tanks are fitted with disposal connections that meet the specific requirements of our customers’ sites.

  • Main storage volume from 2,000 - 40,000 litres
  • Individual design of the main storage, adapted to the room
  • Several feeding stations possible, independent of the building level
  • Individual feeding tables of any size (e.g. also seamlessly integrated)
  • Underground pipelines to storage possible
  • Connection of a fresh grease separator possible
  • Sound insulation for special requirements possible

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1. Feeding station

Individual feeding station, which is possible in any size and at any location.

2. Transport management

If there are several feeding stations, the CNS 1.4301 line is always combined in one line. Installation is possible without a slope.

3. Grease separators

The connection is manufacturer-independent.

4. Lipomat/valve island

Simple suction of fat and sludge phase from the grease separator.

5. Compressor

No recurring TÜV test necessary: The compressor is not subject to the pressure vessel test.

6. Shredder

Robust design Hardened steel blade pack.

7. Main storage

Volume from 2,000 - 40,000 litres. Consists entirely of CNS 1.4301.

8. Vacuum pump

Powerful vacuum pump in different sizes.

9. Discharge line

Line made of CNS 1.4301.

10. Pendulum gas line

Odourless when discharging. Consists of CNS 1.4301.

11. Exhaust air collector

Neutralises odour gases.

12. Tank vehicle

Simple operation by the disposal company using the control element in the discharging station.