Rothenburg compact systems type gastro are tried and tested systems for the disposal of food waste, kitchen waste and organic waste of all kinds. They ideally meet the requirements of gastronomy, canteen kitchens and manufacturing companies in the food and chemical industry.

The fully automatic disposal process ideally resolves your wet waste disposal problem in a clean way. After the wet waste has been fed in, the process takes place in an odour-proof, closed system. The system works without connection to the water and sewage network. It therefore fulfils the waste water regulations according to DIN 1986.

Functional description:

  • With the help of a powerful vacuum pump, the main storage tank and the pipe system are placed under vacuum.
  • The food waste is placed in the feeding station and after pressing the button the valve opens and the wet waste is sucked into the main storage.
  • For optimum utilisation of the storage volume, the entire content is homogenised and liquefied several times a day. Additional water does not need to be added to the waste, which would otherwise result in an unnecessary loss of storage volume.


Compact with a capacity of 1,500 l, our “Gastro” type system not only saves money, but also space. It finds its place in every kitchen or in every restaurant and impresses with its ease of use, outstanding functionality and sustainable working methods

  • From 100 meals/day
  • “Small” format, but outstanding technology
  • High performance
  • Proven technology, rethought
  • Corresponds to 20 rubbish bins of 120 l each


Inexpensive emptying of the grease separator:

  • As an additional component, we offer you the option of operating the grease separator more efficiently and saving on monthly emptying.
  • Fast and inexpensive emptying of the grease separator
  • Grease and suspended matter are automatically sucked into the main wet waste storage facility with a vacuum line and are disposed of together later


1. Feeding station

Individual feeding station, which is possible in any size and at any location.

2. Grease separators

The connection is manufacturer-independent.

3. Exhaust air collector

Neutralises odour gases.

4. Compressor

No recurring TÜV test necessary: The compressor is not subject to the pressure vessel test.

5. Main storage

Volume from 1,500. Consists entirely of CNS 1.4301.

6. Tank vehicle

Simple operation by the disposal company using the control element in the discharging station.